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As DJs and events entertainment suppliers, this is a question we are asked a lot.

”I’m having a live wedding band; do I need also a DJ”?

The answer is YES! You do. Of course, everyone has a budget, whether a high or a low one. However, there are some very compelling reasons why it’s so worthwhile investing in a high-quality DJ, alongside your live performer or wedding band.

Limited performance time

Most wedding bands will play a couple of sets of 45 minutes to an hour, with a break in between. While they are performing, this will be the focal point for your guests’ attention and have everyone dancing their socks off and having an amazing time. However, this duration represents only a portion of the evening party. At many wedding receptions, the party kicks off at around 7pm and most will go onto at least midnight, if not 1am. That’s a lot of extra time to fill around the sets provided by the band. What you don’t want is short periods of elation and celebration, sandwiched by flat periods where people vacate the dance floor and come down from cloud nine. You can keep the magic going. You should keep the magic going. Having a professional DJ wrapping around the band and filling their break, will keep the atmosphere and vibe electric all night long until the final song.

Live Bands will be exceptionally talented musicians and singers; but DJs have a different skill

Live Bands will often say that they’ll provide music or also DJ, taking turns, whilst the rest of the band take a break. However, just as the average DJ couldn’t launch into a phenomenal live singing performance; most bands won’t be able to provide the quality you’d get from a professional DJ. When the band isn’t playing, you need to keep the vibe going. A generic pre-set songlist set to run, or someone without specialist DJ skills, will simply not be able to achieve this. The DJ needs to wrap the right songs around the live performance; capturing the atmosphere and building on it. They need to adapt to the crowd and read what’s working to keep people dancing. And an experienced DJ can add contrast; so that if the wedding band is a particular genre, guests who have other preferences also get a little of what they like. Naturally, a DJ will have a far more extensive songlist than most bands, as the DJ provision is the secondary aspect of what they do. To fill several hours of party time takes a lot of songs, and it’s essential to have the wide selection to capture all tastes – even more so if there’s any specialist elements such as other cultures or nationalities that need to be catered for in the song repertoire.

A DJ plus live wedding band is back up

Having both a wedding band and a DJ acts as a back-up plan, should anything go wrong. If a band was late, had problems with transportation or issues with equipment, you’ll have the peace of mind that with your professional DJ set up in place early, there shall be music. Unfortunately, these things do happen, and on such occasions a DJ can step in and truly save the day.

A DJ provides so much more than just the music!

Well at DJ2K we certainly do. Yes, there’s the awesome music, reading the crowd, getting the right songlist and having the charisma and presence to build the excitement in the room. But we also bring with us state of the art high quality audio systems and can provide the latest in up lighting solutions to set off the dance floor in the most atmospheric way; as well as starlit dance floors; photobooths; giant illuminated letters; funky illuminated tables. A host of creative enhancements that go well beyond the DJ service to bring a wow factor to the party aspect of your wedding celebrations. With a DJ providing all these additional elements, you’ll reduce the number of suppliers you need to deal with and have access to lots of innovative and on-trend ideas.

A DJ can take responsibility for the whole evening celebration, so that you can just relax and enjoy it.

As entertainment suppliers we can recommend and provide wedding bands who we’ve seen perform multiple times, so you know you’ll get a fabulous, professional performance. By having a professional and experienced DJ present from the outset of the party until the end; the DJ will take responsibility for the seamless co-ordination of all the elements; toasts and speeches, live bands or entertainers, even making key announcements such as first dance or cutting of the cake. Just consider how wonderful it will be to have one professional taking charge of all this, while all you, your partner and your guests need to do, is have a great time.

The perfect solution for so many reasons is to bring in a DJ alongside your wedding band. It’s the only way to ensure awesome music all evening long without any lulls or dips in the magic.

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