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We all know how expensive weddings can be, but what we’ll always say to our couples is that we don’t want you spending beyond your means to hire us. Weddings represent a new start, so it’s important it doesn’t put a strain on you.

As a solution-driven team, we work with clients within their budget, prioritising what matters so that you can get the best out of our services. Couples can often feel they have to compromise quality to save money, and one of the ways you may be considering this is by looking at the cheapest DJ options.

Your Choices:

  • Agency (they’ll pay the DJ directly, but they’ll take a cut, so you’re often not getting what you paid for)
  • Solo or part time DJ
  • A small professional team of DJs

Here’s why you need to think really carefully about the decision you’re faced with.

Why a Cash Deal Is a Bad Deal

If you’ve been told paying a DJ in cash is common…it’s time to bust that myth. A cash deal should be a major red flag things aren’t as professional as they seem. Moreover, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the music and entertainment are going to play a huge part in creating those stand out moments. Risking that with no legal contract in place is a big risk to take when the stakes are so high. If you’ve only got verbal contracts with suppliers, you don’t know if you can trust them, and before you know it, you’ll be having sleepless nights wondering if they’re a legitimate business.

The Ultimate Back Up Group

Those who do DJ gigs on the side often won’t be as expensive as a pro. However, while you may think you’re saving money, it’s essential to use a business with the right wedding insurance. A pro DJ invests big to cover them for every eventuality, making sure you’re never left with a huge bill from your venue if something disastrous were to occur or even put others at risk if the right safety cables aren’t used. Not only that, but an amateur DJ will usually be working solo. What if they have a family emergency or get sick? That’s where a professional DJ can give you the peace of mind, working as part of a talented team who can provide cover if anything happens. At DJ2K, we never fully book ourselves, so there’s always back-up if required.

The Difference in Sound

The combination of an experienced DJ with top of the range equipment is something you can’t take lightly. Picture a learner driver in a formula one car – you’re not going to see an amazing lap with a driver who doesn’t know how to use the system to its full advantage. Sound quality is a massive component when choosing equipment, but it’s something which is often taken for granted because you only notice the superiority when compared with equipment of poorer quality (which can often have that unattractive ‘tinny’ sound). Pro DJs completely understand the difference, having a point of comparison for how crowds respond to high-quality sound systems. This is one of the secrets to a full dancefloor, along with bespoke lighting programmes for a wedding with a difference.

How Professional DJs Thrive from Being in a Team

A good DJ company has learnt and grown together as a team, helping each other to become the best they can be. We only ever ask ourselves ‘how can I get better?’, working together to iron out problems and ensure our staff tick all the boxes such as talent, reliability, looking the part and mixing these in with great customer care. With 20 years of refinement in the bag, we still push each other to up our game. As a small team of select individuals, we never stop sharing knowledge, keeping our foot on the gas to become a strong, tight-knit team that delivers incredible days and nights that our clients will remember forever.

Wedding Prices

When considering prices, we often get told by couples that as soon as you add the word ‘wedding’ to a service, the price goes up. But this is actually something which can be seen as a positive. Your wedding isn’t just any event. There’s a lot more pressure for suppliers to make sure everything is perfect, putting in more time to ensure one of the most important days of your life goes smoothly – especially when so many emotions are involved. Therefore, we encourage you to discuss financial decisions relating to your wedding with careful consideration.

As a small team of talented DJs, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you plan the day and night of your life. A 5* wedding is only possible with a 5* DJ. We work at wedding venues in Surrey, London and the South East.

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