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DJ for multi-cultural wedding

It’s true that many weddings fit a fairly standard format; with a degree of embellishment according to the bride and grooms’ vision and dreams.

But, many weddings don’t.

And for the ones that don’t; you need to pick suppliers who have the flexibility, experience, knowledge and willingness to adapt, understand and create the wedding that suits not only the couple, but their guests. If you don’t; at worst, things could go wrong and even at best; small but important details could be missed that could make all the difference.

For example;

The colour white is unlucky at a Chinese Wedding and is normally used at funerals!

Rather than cutting a cake, Russians break bread!

And at Jewish receptions; dancing will often take place before, during as well as after the wedding breakfast.

Crucial nuggets of knowledge and information that make a difference to your multi-cultural wedding.

What a wonderful world…

Perhaps you’re marrying into a different culture. There could be a whole genre of music that for you is unfamiliar but for a proportion of your guests will attract them to the dance floor.

As a DJ born and bred in London; multi-cultural weddings have formed an integral part of my business from the very beginning. There is no one-size fits all. There is a need to be thoughtful, respectful, careful and flexible. It’s about listening and welcoming all cultures, quirks, requirements, likes and dislikes regardless of whether they are standard practice.

But most importantly, as a DJ, it’s about the music. Having access to an extensive range of songs that will appeal to the cultures of guests at your wedding and weaving this music seamlessly into the evening. This takes time, research, preparation, effort and skill. We ensure you can choose from an international songlist. Or if you know the genre, the culture or country, just leave the selection to us.

Imagine the faces of your guests when they hear the songs that are truly music to their ears.

Long distance relationship

Are you overseas and looking to arrange a multi-cultural wedding in London? This service takes skill and experience and you’ll want to put your wedding in the safest of hands. We’ve successfully planned and performed at weddings organised from as far as the Middle East; finding venues; liaising with events planners; incorporating any specific cultural requirements and creating a sensational wedding that can be enjoyed by every guest.

Love has no boundaries. And neither should your wedding.

multi-cultural wedding dj hire

Looking for a DJ for your multi-cultural wedding? Here’s how we do it.

  • Through our experience many multi-cultural weddings; including large Chinese weddings; Iranian, Jewish, Anglo/Indian and more
  • A thorough briefing session where we fully understand your family, cultures, preferences and any sensitivities around the event
  • Offering access to an extensive international playlist and taking the time and effort to go through this carefully with you
  • Thorough research and preparation in advance of your event
  • A genuine passion to create bespoke weddings that cater for the cultural preferences of all of the guests

“Thank you so much for organising Sam to DJ at our wedding last Saturday. He could not have been better – a lovely, professional person who totally hit the mark for an Indian/English wedding with all ages and music tastes present, which can’t have been easy!”

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