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Pembroke Lodge Wedding

The first priority of any Wedding DJ is to gain the trust of the happy couple. Awards, recommendations and reviews are one thing but in the end people buy people.

We hear many DJs communicate that their clients give them lists consisting of 100s of wedding music ideas, some DJs even actually ask for this. After DJing at over 2000 weddings, we believe it’s not the way and will explain why.

Here at DJ2K the music we play at every event is always so very different. No two weddings are the same and we tailor our sets by first getting to know our Brides & Grooms, using our unique 5X playlist method as well as Event Questionnaire, and most vitally by reading the crowd and making split decisions in the moment – when it really counts. However, this page here should provide some ideas for those clients looking for inspiration – Wedding Music Playlists 

Our advice to couples would be not to overly prescribe or study general wedding playlists over the internet. If you book a great DJ (that you trust) the music will choose itself in a seemingly organic fashion. A great DJ will have a fine tuned sixth sense of what will work. In our experience? It’s the living dangerously in the moment that makes a DJ set real and alive, and that energy is indeed tangible on the dance floor. The only exception to the rule are the songs that you already know you must have. This is something we usually discuss in great detail as it’s a real maker or breaker…

Approximately 75% of the time a wedding set will be 4hrs long. It’s important to remember that only 68 records get played in a 4hr set, our pinpoint laser focused 5X method already covers over a 3rd of this and is extremely helpful to us. Our Event Questionnaire also provides a vibe for the music asking for suggestions, the style in which you wish for us to perform and even bands, artists and genres that you like and dislike. We can also take requests on the night, again in the moment.

If you have many great wedding music ideas or have asked your guests to each select a song on their invitations, we recommend keeping this document separate and highlighting any key songs or songs selected by key people, as priority records to be played at the right time.

A “Don’t You Dare” list is provided within our 5X method, so don’t worry we have this covered too.

We think your mums, dads, best friends etc also need special attention so we will ask you about what they like musically too. After all they will most certainly have a impact on the night and a story to tell for years after!

For the sake of the success of your evening’s entertainment, we’re against the idea of DJs having a complete or largely preset playlist, because for one, it makes them not accountable for their work. They become an ipod/jukebox and their ability to read the crowd and react to the audience or energy in the room is severely harmed. The art of DJing is much more complicated than it seems. It’s a bit like giving your cake maker a recipe without knowing what cake you really need. Some might say a recipe for disaster! With DJ2K you can have your cake and eat it, together we will make the party of a lifetime 🙂

By Danny Costello (MD at DJ2K Multi Award Winning Wedding DJs)

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