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It’s one day.

One, incredibly important, hugely exciting, life-changing day. It goes without saying, it has to be perfect.
You know that you’re going to put your heart and soul into every single aspect of the planning of your wedding. But you can’t control it all. You will at some point, be relying on others. On the professionalism, experience, talent, knowledge, effort and commitment to perfection of all the players in your wedding day dream.

Of course, all brides will have had different experiences of this process. From those who handed everything over to a Wedding Planner, to those who meticulously handled every detail. From those who looked back and thought ‘it simply couldn’t have been better’ to those who admit there are some things, given a chance, they would change.

Our wedding planning tips will put you in the first category; of being the bride who reflects on the planning process and wedding day itself, with nothing but positive thoughts about every single aspect.

Whether you’re selecting your DJ, photographer or florist; now’s not the time to take a punt or rely entirely on instinct or connections. However great they sound in person or on paper; make sure you can be completely confident in them delivering on your big day.

There are ways to make this happen. Criteria you should use to make the right choice.
Wedding planning tips: How to select your ideal wedding supplier

  1. Trading history

    If there’s one occasion where you can’t be let down, or hunting round for an alternative at the last minute, it’s when it comes to your wedding. Of course; there are no guarantees here – anything can happen to any company. However, checking the trading history will give you some peace of mind. If a company has been providing services to wedding venues for many years; there’s a decent chance they’ll be around for your wedding.

  2. Experience

    Do you really want to be the first wedding for someone starting out on a new venture? That’s not to say you may not secure a great price and even service from a start-up or business branching into weddings. But do so with your eyes open. A company experienced in weddings will have a massive edge. They’ll be able to be proactive and advise you on what works best. They know how different formats/timetables pan out; how much time needs to be allocated to their work; who they need to liaise with; the questions to ask. Most brides haven’t done this before. So make sure you’re in the hands of suppliers who have done it before; so you don’t have to worry.

  3. Have they worked at your chosen venue before?

    If a supplier has worked at your chosen venue before, it’s a big first step towards you being able to relax and be confident. That’s because they don’t just have experience, they have exactly the right experience.
    If you’re looking for a DJ or events company; what better than one who already knows the technical specifications of the venue; the potential, the layout, the processes and how to make the function rooms look amazing? No nasty suprises like sound limiters or lack of access when needed.
    If a photographer is familiar with a venue they’ll have first-hand knowledge of any lighting challenges; best places for romantic and group shots and lots of creative ideas about how to photograph the venue to its full potential.

    The chances are; suppliers experienced with the venue will also already have relationships with the events or wedding planning team; taking a whole load of introductions and liaison work off your hands.
    If a supplier hasn’t worked your venue before; it can still work in your favour. As long as they reassure you they have the processes in place for fully familiarising themselves with the venue, they may bring a fresh perspective.

  4. Their reviews

    For business, reviews are a way of life. If a company does not have reviews; be wary. Most brides, after living through the best day of their life, should be gushing about the key professionals involved in their day. When you check through reviews; you want to see that the supplier has not only delivered, but was an asset to the process and went beyond expectations. And use reviews to filter out the sort of supplier you’re looking for. If for example you know you have a guest list containing people not generally comfortable dancing or being in photos; look out for suppliers who have been commended in reviews for putting guests at ease and getting them involved.

  5. Awards

    When you look at suppliers; it’s worth seeing whether they’ve won any awards. Whilst awards are far from the whole story, if you’re comparing two suppliers, an award may just give you that extra reassurance. Check out what the award was for though, and the numbers involved. Don’t be cajoled by obscure awards with a handful of voters; but look for mainstream industry awards where a supplier has received large numbers of votes from people with similar requirements to you.

  6. Ethics

    Weddings are about trust, intimacy, honesty and magic. A good supplier will make the effort to get to know you; your dreams and vision for your wedding day. They’ll be able to compile the ideal package from their services that is entirely focused on you and so that they deliver your ultimate wedding day experience.

  7. Personality

    Whilst personality should not be used alone; once the other criteria is ticked off, personality comes into play. And it’s really important. You need to trust the companies that will be responsible for interaction on the day with your guests. Your external suppliers will be asking guests to do things (like dance, pose or give a video message). And they will be an observer of some of your most intimate and special moments in the day such as your First Dance and romantic post-vows photographs. Think of these key professionals as your support for the day; making it and keeping it magical and worry-free. You need to feel that you can trust the companies you select with this immense responsibility.

There’s lots to think about. Many of the best professionals in the industry get booked up way in advance. There’s so many suppliers and so little time.

But start with these wedding planning tips and you’ll have a great chance of finding the perfect professional partners to be part of your wedding journey. The journey that starts now, right until the last moment of your special day.
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