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When dividing up wedding tasks, it can often look a little imbalanced, with the bride usually taking the lion’s share of tasks while the groom focuses on things like the suits and DJ. But it’s time for things to change! Planning the wedding is something which can be enjoyed together (and doesn’t have to cause arguments!) to make it an out-of-this-world day for the both of you.

Here’s how to get your groom on board as the ultimate wedding co-planner.

Detective Duo

When narrowing down options for aspects such as the music, décor and lighting, you’ll need to do some detective work, and this is something you can both do. Our clients sometimes ask us to show them what their wedding will look like, but it’s really difficult for us to tangibly show you this. It’s not like buying a ring, where you can have the physical product in front of you beforehand.

So how do you know you’ve found the right DJ?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to give you a better idea. This is why it’s important you both speak to suppliers. It’s the best way to use your intuition and see how comfortable they make you feel. However, you should also look at as many online platforms as you can to give you a better idea of not just the work they do but who they do it for. A simple online search for reviews is also a top idea. If a DJ comes highly recommended, it speaks volumes that a previous client has put their neck on the line to say they think you should use them too.

Personalise Your Wedding with Ideas You’ll Both Love

We love getting both partners involved with the wedding planning so that we can ensure you both have a good night. They say opposites attract and you may have heard ‘the olive theory’ which states that a couple is meant to be if one of you hates olives and the other one likes them (please don’t rush to cancel the wedding though if this doesn’t apply to you!). But you understand what they’re trying to say – differences don’t have to be a bad thing. Our 5X playlist form is something our clients love to complete because it gives a chance for both partners to list out songs they love. This helps us to get some musical perspective about what you both like so that we can tailor which songs are playing depending on who’s on the dancefloor.

Creating the Event You Want

There are lots of tips we can give you about your wedding venue, from the sound limitations to the advantages or disadvantages of how to split the room. It’s really helpful to get you both involved with this as your venue set up is something that will impact on the type of event you create. Lighting is also something that gives various moments the wow factor. We can set up different lighting programmes for the cake cutting, first dance, last dance etc. and we love putting some twists into your playlists. We’ve had guests go wild when garage tracks are played, for example, where the lighting goes crazy just as the music does. It’s great to have some quirky additions to your day which represent things you both love.

We’ll also take into account any special requirements you have – if there is a guest who suffers from epilepsy, for example, we can ensure the lighting doesn’t involve flashing.

Combining a DJ with Other Performers

Another way to get both of you involved in the planning is to think about if you want ‘DJ only’ services or combine them with another performer. For example, many choose to have a DJ and a band. We provide recommendations for a few amazing live bands out of hundreds available thanks to their professional sessions. They’re the type of bands we end up missing our breaks for because we can’t keep our eyes off them. They’re such hard acts to follow that we raise our game even more during our set.

Most bands will only do two 45-minute sets, so you’ll need to fill the whole evening. Some bands will try to tell you they come with a DJ service, but this will often just be music played in between sessions without the level of production and extended experience you receive when using a professional DJ. And it’s not only bands you can hire but singers, saxophonists, violinists or percussionists who can perform alongside your DJ for an enhanced experience, giving your party some extra oomph.

For the most enjoyable wedding experience, make every decision together as a couple, including the music and meeting your DJ.

Got some ideas? If you’re arranging a wedding in Surrey, London or the South East, we’d love to meet you both and start creating the event you want to put on.

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