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Two of the key lessons we learnt when starting out was that you’re only as good as your last performance and to make friends with everyone – from the guy who sweeps the floor at the venue to every guest we meet. The best DJs are likeable ones who make people feel like stars on the night. This is one of the secrets to making sure your wedding has the ‘fun factor’, by choosing a wedding DJ who cares about everyone at your wedding.

Interaction Is Key

Interaction is a massive component to memorable weddings, ensuring guests feel relevant and involved. As well as celebrating your marriage, it’s also a time to thank your friends and family for their support, making it a night about them as much as you. We understand that every event is different, so we want to discover more about the guests attending. We like to think of ourselves as a locksmith, picking the lock to get to the heart of what makes your wedding different. This could be something as simple as acknowledging a section of the crowd have flown in from overseas, and playing some songs they’ll love to make them feel extra welcome. A fun wedding is one in which the DJ and entertainment feels natural and confident to put the crowd at ease.

Surprising Your Guests

The best parties are those which have more than just a DJ. A few surprises added in helps guests to enjoy themselves even when not on the dancefloor, whether it’s an interactive magic selfie mirror or social pod. Those who don’t enjoy weddings are often those who feel they don’t have a place on the dancefloor and end up making awkward conversation on the sidelines, so offer people more opportunities to break the ice and let their hair down to ensure they have a good time.

Creating Mini Events

We like to help couples use music and lighting to make every moment a real occasion. Even something as simple as cutting the cake or throwing the bouquet can be enhanced, especially if you use the dance floor as the focal point and get your DJ to present. It’s also a great way to encourage people to the dance floor – after all, it’s easier to move one cake than hundreds of people. If you had a second choice song for your first dance that didn’t make the top spot, you could even use this for an alternative special moment. It’s about building mini events within your wedding.

The Importance of Playlists

The bride is a magnet – where she goes, guests follow, so your playlists are a really good way of getting your friends and family on side (that said, we recommend taking 20 minutes out together as a couple – pausing to soak up the success of the day). Starting with the first dance, as the hosts, the bride and groom kick off the night, so it’s important to help your guests buy into the dancing. Mix this in with dry ice effects, starlit dancefloors and confetti effects, and it’s your chance to create that ‘wow’ moment that gets the party started. You can also get your guests involved by placing request cards near the dancefloor. To end the night, choose a song that’s meaningful to you for a special moment that’s going to bring the house down.

As DJs, we believe in having a good attitude – it’s not about us being superstars. Yes, we want it to look easy, but it’s all about the bride and groom. How much thought and energy we put into everything, our years of hard work and talent only matter if we can make people feel they’ve had an amazing night. It’s not about remembering our name, it’s about how we make guests feel. Start planning your fun wedding with DJ2K.

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