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Communication is something we pride ourselves on at DJ2K, knowing how much you’ll benefit from our services if you speak to us. This will allow you to get a real sense about not just what we can do for you but how you feel when chatting to us. You’ll have heard the phrase ‘communication is king’, helping you to create the ultimate bespoke package which is all about you and your guests.

Finding a DJ with the Best Qualities

One thing we say to our clients is to sit down together as a couple and agree which qualities mean the most to you both when choosing wedding suppliers. Having this sort of direction gives you focus when meeting potential DJs.

Some good signs to look for include:

  • Experience – how long have they been doing this for?
  • Energy, passion & commitment – do they get you excited about the possibilities?
  • Personality – do they make an effort to ‘get’ you?
  • Technical knowledge – a feeling they really know their stuff
  • Professionalism – it’s clear they’ve invested time and money into their business
  • Presentation of themselves and equipment – do you get a professional vibe?
  • Reviews, awards & recommendations – ask them about their achievements

Ultimately, they should make you feel like you’re in a safe pair of hands. That’s why communication is so important even at the start of the process – striking up a connection and have things in common to start building trust and rapport.

Why Is It So Easy to Chat to Us?

We want you to benefit from our time and experience, so we’ll talk you through your whole event and the different choices on offer. Most of the time, our clients don’t even realise the possibilities available to them until they get chatting to us and the ideas start flowing. While we give you all our contact details, we’re a bit different in that we don’t mind you sending us a message via WhatsApp because it’s a bit like having a live chat, helping the lines of communication to remain open. If you see something you like elsewhere – send us over a screenshot. If you’re with a supplier and want to ask us a quick question, just text us! We know our clients find this approach really flexible rather than having to write out a formal email every time (which you’re free to do as well of course).

How We Get to Know You

While we always encourage our clients to do their research to find out if suppliers are the right fit, we also put our detective hats on to unearth what makes you tick. As well as our high level of customer service and communication, we have great forms that go into the right level of detail, allowing us to gather all the intel we can on you. This includes our 5X wedding playlist form which gives you opportunities to tell us things like what you want to be introduced to the dancefloor as, who the second dance is intended for and some must-have songs (as well as ‘don’t you dare play this’ tracks). You can even choose music for specific moments such as cutting the cake. It’s these details which help us to create your personalised playlist for some truly unforgettable moments.

Open the lines of communication now by calling 0800 783 2928 for a chat with our team for weddings and events in Surrey, London & the South East.

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