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One of the best things about what we do is getting to meet so many different people from all walks of life. Every couple’s story and personalities are unique, which is why tailoring everything from your wedding music to the décor and lighting is so important. While so many wedding services are designed for the quintessential ‘bride and groom’, this can force same sex couples planning their big day to squeeze into preconceived boxes – but this is the 21st century people! Personalising your wedding is about finding what’s right for you as a couple, whether you want a uplifting party full of joy and sparkling fun or something a little more intimate.

Same sex weddings have only been allowed since 2014, so it’s a real honour for us to be part of your special day. Here are some of our top tips for planning the perfect same sex wedding.

The Right Wedding Professionals for Same Sex Couples

Begin discussions with your wedding DJ or events team (that’s us!) by organising a Skype or phone call, giving you both a chance to see if they’re the right people to work with. The best professional DJs treat every couple as individuals and want to hear your vision for the day, however weird and wonderful you think your ideas may be. They should leave you feeling inspired about the possibilities available to you, whether it’s planning a night of amazing music or thinking about how to use lighting to make each part of the day feel extra special.  

We’ve worked with couples who want to fill rooms with colour and glitter, sprinkling a little bit of pizazz onto everything from the drapery and backdrops to incredible lighting and starlit dance floors. Our DJs can even help you plan some fun surprises throughout the night, as well as music, live performers and interactive photobooths. We offer plenty of resources to help personalise your wedding as much as possible.


The team at DJ2K understands the need to respect every couple’s privacy – not just for same sex weddings, so we’re always discreet when discussing plans so that you can surprise your loved ones on the day. We want to bring the feel good factor to your wedding celebrations, leaving every single guest feeling on top of the world. A wedding day is a chance for many couples to let loose with those who love and support them, be proud of who they are and celebrate the journey they’ve been on to get to where they are.

The Feel Good Factor – Tailor Products & Services Around YOU

There are plenty of ways you can add fun and personal touches to your wedding, as well as respecting individual preferences (because opposites attract, right?) and acknowledging the amazing support of your family and friends who are joining you on the day. For example, we offer a comprehensive 5x wedding playlist form which allows you to think about the decisions you’ll need to make together such as your first dance song as well as the individual music choices of each partner. You’ll notice we don’t use gender specific language on our forms so that all our couples feel at ease when planning a wedding to remember.

Attention to Detail

We think the small details can make all the difference when planning a same sex wedding. You can personalise many of our products, including our giant light up letters. While we have an entire alphabet to choose from, we also have some ready for same sex couples such as ‘Mr & Mr’ and ‘Mrs & Mrs’. You can even specify how you’d like us to announce you on the night. Some couples like their first names used if keeping their surnames, or traditionally announced as ‘the new….’. If you’d like something a bit different, just ask – we always love crazy ideas that create memorable (and often hilarious) moments! We’ll help you plan a fun wedding, taking into account who your guests are while getting to know you so that we can suggest some special touches for your day.

If you’d like to plan a same sex Brighton, London or South East wedding, get in touch with our experienced DJs and events team on 0800 783 2928.

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